Friday, January 23, 2009

Official Report: SSC working on 1200hp Ultimate Aero EV!

Nowadays, electric power is being moved to sports cars. Telsa, the first company who started this vision, have came up with the new Roadster S, which will hit 60mph in 3.7 seconds. Dodge, also came up with the new Circuit EV, a car that scars its SRT-8 brothers. And now, Shelby SuperCars (SSC) announced that they are coming up with the fastest electric vehicle in the world!

SSC is the company behind the 1287hp and 270mph Ultimate Aero TT. However now, they announced that they're working on a new electric, battery-powered engine for the Ultimate Aero. And that the new Ultimate Aero EV will be the most powerful and the fastest electric vehicle of all time.

But more importantly, SSC announced that their new battery technology is like no other in-terms of recharging. Where they said that the new Ultimate Aero EV just needs 10 minutes recharging, and will run for 200 miles.

To set the record for the fastest electric vehicle, the new Ultimate Aero EV will have 2-electric motors cooping together, to give an output of 1200hp! That's nearly the same as the twin-turbocharged 6.3L V8 in the ordinary Ultimate Aero TT.

We are really impressed of SSC and what they are doing. When this comes out (SSC didn't announce yet, but we expect some time in 2011), this will be a master-piece of engineering.

Source: [SSC]

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