Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Updated: SSC Ultimate Aero boasts 1287hp and top speed of 270mph

Back in September, Bugatti had a memo where it said that they'll be making a Veyron GT with 1350hp, and a top speed of 264mph. Also, German tuning company, 9ff, will be making a GT9R with 1120hp, and a top speed of 260mph. With all these numbers hanging in, Shelby SuperCars (SSC) Ultimate Aero's top speed record number of 257mph is in danger.
So, SSC unveiled a refined 2009 Ultimate Aero that gets a 15% increase in horsepower. So from 1183hp to 1287hp, that's 104hp more. They did that by giving the Aero a newly designed 1-piece billet aluminum engine block that improves structural integrity and oiling capabilities.
With more power, the top speed is also increased. From 257mph to an incredible 270mph! Now, it's even harder for Bugatti and 9ff to break the Aero's “World’s Fastest Production Car” title.
Visual changes are a new designed front fascia design and added the AeroBrakeTM rear spoiler system that deploys when you hit the brakes. SSC also upgraded the interior.

Source : [Shelby Supercars]

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