Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Reveal : Zenvo ST1; new supercar from Denmark with 1104 hp!

Denmark isn't really known for making cars, but now, they've just made a hyper car with 1104hp! So Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Ultimate Aero owners must be worried.
Danish based Zenvo Automotive have just unveiled its hand-built supercar, the ST1. As for design, this car is a looker at every side. With air scoops integrated at all corners, this looks the business. The angry looking headlamp clusters upfront and the goatee-grill intake, gives this machine a very mean, angry and purposeful stance. At the side, this car is inspired by the Pagani Zonda, with gigantic air scoop and muscular lines. At the back, this car is absolutely aggressive with a single exhaust pipe mounted on either side of the diffuser has been housed right underneath the dual brake lights, all in a faux mesh. The design of the spoiler at the rear has been executed extremely well and the integrated diffuser looks great too.
However, the ST1 is no supercar if it doesn't support those brash looks with a lot of power. And it doesn't disappoint. The ST1 is powered by a 7.0L mid-engine V8, with added a turbocharger and a supercharger! It develops a massive 1104hp and a monstrous 1430nm, wow! Performance figures are extraordinary, 0-60mph takes 3 seconds flat, and the top speed is limited to 233mph.
The brakes seem to be exceptional as well. The massive 380 mm ventilated discs up front and 355 mm ventilated discs at the rear anchor the car down quite well. However 394 mm carbon ceramic brakes with 8 piston calipers do come as an option in case one would like superior fade-free stopping power. The forged aluminum 19” wheels up front and 20” at the rear wear steamroller-wide rubber and they stick to the tarmac like leeches to skin. The 3-way adjustable gas-hydraulic shock absorbers from Ohlins are designed to dispatch corners quite effectively and ABS and traction control ensures that the ST1 keeps the rubber down on the black top. Carbon fiber body panels incorporated into the body work helps keep the weight down and add a degree of rigidity as well.
The ST1 is not only about raw power and mind blowing performance. The interior comes loaded with an endless list of safety features and offers plenty of comfort. Dual-zone climate control, driver and passenger airbags, cruise control, electronically adjustable racing seats, leather and even a stereo.
So what makes the ST1 special? Well, the ST1 makes a good and rare combination of heavy foot power and everyday usability. However, what makes this so special is that its such an exclusive car. Zenvo will only make 15 units of the ST1. We think that this car's pictures will be hanged on children's' wallpaper.

Source : [Zenvo]

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