Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Official : Ferrari CEO confirms hybrid concept sportscar, may come to LA Auto Show next December !

Back last month, a Ferrari patent for an all-new hybrid powertrain along with all-wheel drive. However, it stated that the new hybrid combination isn't necessarily to improve fuel economy, but add more grip in slippery conditions. Well, the new hybrid Ferrari is official.

In an interview with CarAndDriver, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa confirmed that the Italian automaker is working on a hybrid concept car in order to study how it can better meet stringent 2014 European emissions regulations. Felisa also said that Ferrari continues to study turbocharging smaller engines to replace bigger naturally-aspirated, but insisted that the new engines would “still have that high-revving Ferrari feeling.” He said that biofuel is also being explored by the engineers in Maranello.

So when will we see this new Ferrari hybrid concept?

“Not at Frankfurt,” Felisa said, “but shortly thereafter, probably at an American show.” Meaning we can probably cross our fingers for the 2009 LA Auto Show in December.

What about which model is it going to be?

Well, rumors that Ferrari may unveil an all-new concept for the hybrid drivetrain. Nevertheless, since patents show a mid-engine layout, we can probably expect a hybrid concept model of the F430's successor, the all-new Ferrari F450, which officially debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: [CarAndDriver]

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