Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Reveal : 2010 Devon GTX Concept; future American supercar to break Nurburgring lap record in July !

Daniel Paulin, former Ford designer, has created a design concept for Devon Motorworks that hints at a future American supercar. Known as the ‘design that navigates between the past and science fiction,’ the new Devon GTX is said to be the shape of the future supercar from America. In fact, since Chrysler is interested to sell its Viper sportscar brand name, Devon were one of the first bidders. So the production version of the GTX Concept may get called a Viper someday.
The exterior features a blend of muscle and curves that won’t be mistaken this for a German supercar. One more notable design cue is how similar the front end on the GTX is to the Dodge Viper, but with a sleeker look. As for the inside, Paulin decided to go with a more clean electronic dashboard with retro touches such as the gear-shifter and steering wheel that resembles those in a Ford Mustang. So if the GTX Concept ever gets the Viper brandname, it would be much more modernized and smoother than the current Dodge Viper hard-edged racer.

Now, Devon kept the powertrain a secret now till they know what the official production name is going to be. However, it will be surely known in July, when Devon is taking the current GTX to the famous Nurburgring track to break the lap record for production cars. The record goes to the Dodge Viper ACR, at 7:22.1. The finished Devon GTX will also be piloted by Le Mans, European FIA, and GT2 World Champion next season.

Look for the 2010 Devon GTX Concept at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours.

Source : [Devon Motorworks]

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