Friday, May 1, 2009

SPY Video : Ferrari F450 test-mule spotted on track

The next generation mid-engine Ferrari was caught before wearing its full body. However, not to risk seeing it fully naked on the track, Ferrari has adopted a yellow F430 Scuderia body to the reportedly called F450 test-mule around Ferrari’s Fiorano race track. Yet still, took a video, so we can hear the roar of that new engine.

Visually, the 4.5L engine seems to need more cooling than the 4.3L in the F430's body. Because this test mule has more intakes, and more vents around the body. The new engine also has more power, as the "F450 test-mule in a F430 body" has bigger wheels for more grip.

We move on the sound. The new 4.5L V8 engine has a tougher sound than 4.3L. Listen it from low-rpms, and it rumbles. At high revs, it actually sounds a lot like the Ferrari California roadster. Another thing to note, listen to how fast the gear changes are. They're actually faster than the Scuderia's shifts. That's why we are adamant that the new F450 will surely have Ferrari's new 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which was also adapted in the California, to give that instant shift. Packing over 500 hp, the F450 is expected to launch to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and top at over 200 mph.

Look for the successor to the F430 at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year.

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