Monday, March 30, 2009

SPY SHOTS Of new generation supercars : Ferrari F450, and next generation Porsche 911 (998)

Spy shots of next generation supercars is getting hard to catch. Companies like Ferrari and Porsche really don't want their future supercars to be seen. However, we found a one way to another to give you stills of successor the Ferrari F430, so called "F450", and the next Porsche 911 (998 generation).
To start with the F430 replacement, F450, it was caught by AutoExpress, being pushed into a back of a truck to transport it from place to another (probably a secret test-route) . Ferrari can't risk the F450 to be seen driven on the public yet. That's because when the F450 first caught, it was still wearing the F430 body. Now though, it's in its full shape. Although it was half-covered by a Prancing Horse red cover, we noted some styling cues from the new California, such as the belt-line going through the rear fender, and the high roof. Rumors that the all-new 4.5L V8 packing over 500 hp will be also mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission from the California. Expect the F450 to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with sales starting 2010.
Mean while, Porsche was testing the already rival to the Ferrari, the next generation 911 (998 generation). Porsche has refreshed the 977 generation in 2008, giving it a new rapid-shifting PDK automatic-sequential gearbox and fancy rear tail-light. However, this 998 caught by GlobalMotors, is the real deal. Despite being heavily-camouflaged, the new 911 will have some dramatic changes at the back, like the big spoiler and new body kit all-round. Porsche are still working out the handling because of the bigger displacement engine at the rear, now 4.0L flat-6 engine. Won't develop much power as the Ferrari, but the pose and the lightness of the Porsche will bring it ahead. PDK transmission will become a necessity in the new 998. However, we have to wait for the new 911 for early 2011 to roll the streets. By then, we'll surely get more picture and information about it.

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