Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Option: Porsche introduces new sports exhaust system for the 911 Carrera

Porsche engineers have developed a new sports exhaust system for the latest generation of the 911(997). It'll be available as an option on new models from February 2009 in Europe and from April in the U.S.

What the new sports exhaust system does is switch over to a sporting and emotional sound generated in particular whenever the driver prefers a truly dynamic style of motoring. So with a flick on a button, the car's engine noise changes.

The new sports exhaust system is made of modified stainless-steel main silencers and stands out clearly through its two dual tailpipes in unique design. The heart of the system is the exhaust flap on each main silencer activated by the engine’s electronic control system and switching over to a more sporting sound as soon as the driver activates the sound mode. The system itself is activated by a separate button in the center console varying the sound of the exhaust as a function of engine load, road speed and engine speed.

In Europe, the base price is 1,610 Euro including taxes. In the U.S. suggested retail price is $2,500. Current 911 owners can have the system retrofitted to their existing models.

Source: [Porsche]

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