Sunday, April 19, 2009

2010 Mustang arrives at dealers!

We were waiting for this moment for quite some time. Finally, all three new born muscle cars have arrived on dealerships in showrooms for customers to buy. The Dodge Challenger has been over a year in sale, and everyone admires it. The all-new Chevrolet Camaro has also rolled the showrooms just a couple of weeks ago, and people are making a fuss about it. Well, with the 45th anniversary for the creation of the Mustang, the 2010 "King Of The Road" Ford Mustang has just arrived Ford dealerships to kick in the muscle car fight.So now all three have arrived, the question that bares in-mind, that which will get the crown as the iconic muscle car for the 21rst century? This doesn't mean that which one is the best, or feels most charismatic. It means which one will sell most. In other words, which of these muscle cars will attract the more crowd to sell more?

To start with, last February the Challenger outsold the Mustang. Bare in-mind though, that people were already waiting for the all-new 2010 model. Considering also that the Camaro has the media circus on its side, it's going to be a tough prediction. In out view, although we love the Challenger, we are adamant that the Camaro will be the winner here. It's an all-rounder sports car and muscle car that attracts both drag-strip addictors and techno-music dancers. The Mustang though, will probably still be close. But please participate with our comments section for this post, and tell us what's your forecast on the best selling muscle car between these three.

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