Saturday, April 18, 2009

Advert war: Audi and BMW billboard ads take the streets of Santa Monica

Advertising is one major and obvious way into selling cars at most. It's more exciting when two automakers run for ads to get customers into their way. Well that's exactly what happened between Audi and BMW.
This photo above was taken of Santa Monica Blvd. in Southern California, where Audi started a billboard advert of their new A4, and a statement saying "Your move, BMW." Well BMW immediately answered, with their own billboard ad, just across the street that displays the high-performance M3 and the word "Checkmate." That was too much for Audi to handle!Nevertheless, to fight back, Audi took off the A4 ad, and now replaced it with another post with a cool darkened photo of the R8 supercar, and the wise words of "Time to check your luxury badge. It may have expired." So that left BMW with no answer.

While the R8 will clearly outclasses the M3, this "advertising war" makes no sense at all. It's like two superheros from comic stories have come to a fight, and each one showing what kind of powers they got! It's funny seeing two German automakers having a civil war on an American land!

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