Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Reveal : 2009 Dodge Challenger SE Rallye package

For 2009, Dodge added the R/T and SE models along the monster SRT-8 Challenger. However, they've now added packages for the R/T and SE. For the R/T, Dodge presented a "Classic" package, which channels more old-school muscle for the already retro. Well, the SE V6 model now gets a "Rallye" package.

When Dodge first showed the SE V6 Challenger to the public, it was criticized as being a good-looking slush-mobile. Yes, it looked great, but with a body weighing nearly two tons, the 250 hp 3.5L V6 couldn't go anywhere. Specially that, the engine was only mated to a old 4-speed automatic. So it was best left at the parking lot. So the "Rallye" package should change this image.The first upgrade in the new Rallye edition, is a new transmission. The Challenger SE Rallye gets a new 5-speed Autostick automatic, much like its R/T and SRT-8 siblings. The new gearbox, is designed for more aggressive and outstanding launches when acceleration, and ratioed for top-end speeds which relaxes the engine. It's also a fair bit lighter too than the previous model, and still manages 25 mpg of fuel economy. So overall, the SE Rallye is faster at all speeds than the previous SE with the terrible 4-speed.

Visual improvements is also another aspect in the Rallye edition. The Challenger SE Rallye features design cues including black with red lining dual body stripes on the hood and the trunk , chromed ‘FUEL’ door, deck lid spoiler, some killer-looking 18-inch aluminum wheels, and Micro Carbon in the interior accents.Basically, the Challenger SE Rallye is for those that don’t want to move up to the HEMI V8 R/T but still want all the visual appeal, and a fair bit for power with the new 5-speed Autostick. So now, it could be a proper rival to the V6s over at the Mustang and the Camaro.

Source : [Dodge]

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