Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Revel : Volkswagen Golf GTI MK VI

As you people saw yesterday , the newest Golf GTI was leaked to the internet . So VW cut the chase , and reveled it . It's the MK VI Golf GTI . And as seen earlier , it looks very good . The new 210 hp engine also has 207 lb-ft of torque with the torque starting from 1,800RPM . The electronically controlled limited-slip XDS differential will help guide that torque to the wheel with the most grip and hopefully manage torque steer as well . And with the adaptive chassis control system (ACC) , this hatchback will get to 60MPH in just 7.2 seconds . Despite that it's more powerful than the MK V GTI , but the new one gets better fuel economy . With 32MPG , you could have real fun in this car while using little spills of fuel . No word on prices , but it will likely be the same . Selling starts in summer 2009


Best-seller with optima: 239 km/h, 210 HP, 7.5 litres Wolfsburg, 25 September 2008 - between the debut first and the discharge of the fifth generation made more than 1.7 million buyer the GTI the world best-seller. Now the new one stands in the starting hole: On of Paris the engine show (4 until 19 October 2008) Volkswagen presents the study to new gulf of the GTI in a world premiere. The GTI chassis with new electronic transverse barrier (XDS) redefines curves and traction completely. 239 km/h a fast GTI, with its 155 KW/210 HP still more fun makes strong turbo engine for which and on the average only 7.5 litres used up. In the spring 2009 the sixth gulf GTI will go into series - as used with a singular connection out of sporty chassis and agilem engine. Already with 1.800 rpm the engine develops a maximum torque of 280 Newtonmeters. After 7.2 seconds is carried out the Sprint of 0 to 100 km/h. Only with 239 km/h a Patt between air resistance and achievement prevails. By 22 millimeters below put and with a new sport chassis equipped, feathers/springs, absorbers and the rear stabilizers of the study were completely again co-ordinated. Beyond that also for the future GTI as optional feature the adaptive chassis regulation DCC will be available. „We wanted a consistently clear GTI Design, a car, which Kraft, but evenly also Stil" has; , it brings the chief designer Volkswagen AG, walter de'Silva, on the point. Into of Paris study shown of the sixth generation lets merge now style elements of these two GTI icons. The GTI V contributes details like the typically wabenförmigen radiator grilles and the V-shaped one and to hood which is enough over the headlights. The clear, horizontal adjustment meanwhile decreases/goes back clearly to the GTI I. By this style means as well as the horizontal basic diagram of the front portion the gulf GTI study works optically more broadly (1,78 meters), more deeply (1.47 meters) and more dynamically than every other car of this class.


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