Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LEAKED : MK6 Volkswagen Golf GTI !

The MK6 Golf GTI will debut at the Paris Auto Show next week . But it seems that someone leaked the pictures to the world on the internet . And some useful information .But The Golf GTI has been losing its "importance" since the new Scirocco was out . So the question now is , what does make you buy a new GTI instead of a Scirocco ?

Well , the new MK6 GTI adds another 13 hp to the 197 hp 2.0L turbocharged found in the current GTI and Scirocco . Result , 210 hp . And the new Golf will feature the same adaptive chassis control system (ACC) from the Scirocco . But more than that , they changed the styling . Although that not much has changed , but all the little details make for a big difference . the new foglights and front bumper were shaped to inspire with the Golf GTI W12 concept . And the new headlights look brilliant . From the back , there's a diffuser to stop it taking off at high speeds . Pricing is set to be the same . So in final , it's a good all rounder car .

So will you pay 150$ extra for the Scirocco ? Now the Scirocco will be less powerful , slower and as good looking as the new MK6 GTI . We will know the answer in the sales report of VW .

As you can see the equation has been flipped abit . It seems that the Scirocco is losing its "importance" . Let me see what you think in the comments .

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