Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dyno Testing : Corvette ZR-1

The ZR-1's engine (LS9) provides 638hp and 595lb-ft of torque as GM says . But how many of these stallions and torque goes to the rear wheels ? Well , one of members went and tested two of the five new ZR-1s that Hendricks Motorsports team bought . He got an average of 535hp and 507lb-ft of torque . That's a perfect 15% loss rule . But as for a supercar , that's alot of power lost . So , with a few ajustments and tweaks with the engine computer , they got the power up to 567 hp and 532lb-ft of torque . But even without the tuning , the testers said that the number would get up higher when the engine gets looser (after atleast 200 miles) . So there you have it , if you have a ZR-1 dont rush to the dyno shop . Let it run for abit . But we know the ZR-1 is one of the fastest supercars in the world .

To read the full sheet results and the dyno runs in the ZR-1 go to :

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