Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teaser Shots Package : Mustang with new seat , and Lambo's mysterious car

We've got a couple of companies teasing us to get us excited about their cars .

First , the Ford Mustang . We saw tons of nearly naked spy photos of the car , so we know how it looks like . But Ford still wants to tease us with dark photos until the unveiling in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show . And today , they show us off the new seats . And they seem to hold you in place while cornering , and they're big for comfort . Good . And the center armrest seems to be longer than the current one . Also , if you take a closer look at the photo , you can see that the doors have leather now . So good job Ford .

Second , it's Lamborghini's mysterious car . Now everyone are having their bets on what it is since the first teaser picture . I thought it would be a successor to the Murcielago . Edmund's Inside Line suggested it's a 4-door concept car . As it turns out , I was wrong . The new shot shows the taillight of the car . And as you can see , there is a line-cut for the trunk . Yes , a trunk on a Lambo . I was surprised too . And yes , it seems it will be a 4-door supercar . But lets see what it turns out in the Paris Auto Show next week .

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