Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Performance Kit : 9FF Panamera

We all know 9FF Performance Tuning Company from the GT9 which can go to 410 KPH (256MPH) . But infact , 9FF tune all sorts of Porsches , even Cayennes . And now , the Panamera is nearly out . And they're very excited about it , too excited . Even though it isn't out yet , they're working on tuning it from now . They've made renderings on how it'll look like and some rims that they think it would fit well on the 4-door supercar . No information is yet available . Just if you're thinking of buying a family supercar from Porsche and you want it tuned from 9FF that you have no idea what the tuning will be , pre-order now .
Go to : for updated information about the kit .

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