Friday, October 2, 2009

'10 Unleashed: Man gets a custom Mustang Tattoo, and a custom 2010 Mustang GT

It's episode 5 of Ford's '10 Unleashed program, where Mustang enthusiats share their "Mustang experience" with the internet world. This is where you see the difference on how people express their passion about cars, and about the Mustang in particular. So, some does that with big shiny wheels, others do it with a loud custom exhaust, and for Daniel Velarde, it's all about tattooing!

24-year-old Daniel Velarde has been a long Mustang fanatic, and always dreamed of his custom 2010 Mustang GT. Also, Velarde wanted to show his love of the Mustang, by tattooing the Mustang horse on his body. The trick here, that his 2010 'Stang got the same tattoo job.

So why does he deserve all this? This was done due to his submitted essay, discribing his "Mustang experience". The chance for you to win is still avalible; just head to, and submit a '250 words or less' essay, and maybe you can be featured in the next episode of '10 Unleashed.

Watch '10 Unleashed, episode 5 - Mustang Body Ink in the embedded videos below. To watch previous episodes, click here and here.

Source : [ via m80im]

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