Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top Gear Season 13 Episode 4 : Ford Focus RS vs Renault Megane R26.R; and Porshce Panamera races against UK’s Postal Mail Service

Although we missed Top Gear's last week show, we catched up through the net. In last week's show of Top Gear Season 13, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond pit the 300 hp 2009 Ford Focus RS, and the light-weight race-car-inspired 2008 Renault Megane R26.R around the Top Gear test-track. The test is very informative and enjoyable to watch.


- 2009 Ford Focus RS: Powered by a 2.5L 5-cylinder engine with a K16 turbocharger, packing 300 hp, connected to a front-wheel-drive chassis. The RS's power is enhanced and delivered through a front-differential.

- 2008 Renault Megane R26.R: Powered by a turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, producing 227 hp, which is packed through a front-wheel-drive chassis. Due to excessive use of light-weigh material, and taking off the rear-seats, the Megane R26.R only weighs 1100 kilograms. It also hold the record for the fastest FWD car around the Nurburgring in 8:16.9.

Also on last week's Top Gear, James May and Richard Hammond pinned the 2010 Porsche Panamera against UK’s Postal Mail Service. It's one of those awkward Top Gear challenge, but great watch. Top Gear only got the cheapest Panamera S - powered by a naturally-aspirated 4.4L V8, putting-out 394 hp through the rear-wheels.

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