Sunday, July 19, 2009

Audi celebrates 100th birthday with a 10-ton giant TT

Audi has just celebrated its 100th anniversary, with a celebration ceremony worldwide. Celebration with Audi includes, a brief over 100 years of Audi, unveiling a new model, and a gift for Audi's original hometown - Ingolstadt, Germany. It was back in 1909, when Franz Fikentscher from Ingolstadt, first came-up with Auto Union. In 1948, Auto Union merged with Automobilwerk Zwickau. 1964 was the year that these companies have also merged with Volkswagen Group, and created the name "Audi" in 1968, along with the four-rings logo.
Joining the celebrations, is this giant metal Audi TT sculpture. The steel-frame construction is 10.2 meters long, 4.5 meters wide, 3.25 meters high, and weighs about 10 tons. The giant TT has actually been around for several years now, debuting in Berlin in 2006 and having been shown in Beijing, Munich, and Hong Kong since then. However, for this amazing celebration, Audi is giving this TT to the city of Ingolstadt, to become its famous landmark.“We’re delighted that this car has found a new home in this prominent and highly frequented traffic junction in Ingolstadt,” said Dr. Werner Widuckel, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources at AUDI AG. “From now on, the sculpture will both adorn the center of the Audi roundabout and serve as a symbol of the company’s strong ties with the city and region.”

Source : [Audi]

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