Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chrysler : Dodge Viper is not for sale anymore, and will live on 2010 and beyond

After that Chrysler merged with Fiat, exited bankruptcy, and re-opened its factory plants, Chrysler still has to decide whether to sell the Dodge Viper brand-name or not. Well, earlier reports that Chrysler re-opend the limited-production Dodge Viper factory in Detroit, only for 2009 model year.

Though, Chrysler Group LLC just announced that the production of the Dodge Viper SRT10 and ACR package will continue through 2009. The company said today that its Viper brand-name business is no longer for sale and that it will continue making new models through 2010 and beyond.

“The Dodge Viper has successfully captured the hearts and imagination of performance enthusiasts around the globe,” said Mike Accavitti, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dodge Brand. “We’re extremely proud that the ultimate American-built sports car with its world-class performance will live on as the iconic image leader for the Dodge brand.”

So the Dodge Viper will live on with the Chrysler-Fiat era. So that does mean that the Viper and Ferrari are now cousins! It also means that the up-coming 2010 Devon GTX Concept needs to get a new platform, and a new name.

Source : [Chrysler]

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