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New Reveal : 2010 Jaguar XJ

For decades, Jaguar kept the design of its flagship sedan, the XJ, always in the classic theme. However now, with Jaguar's latest 2010 XK and 2010 XF, Jag has a light on completely modern designs. While the design of the XJ has remained classic, Jaguars has changed it all of 2010.
*Front Design:
Well here it is, the 2010 Jaguar XJ. First off, the design. Up-front, the all-new XJ's front grill and front-sills have lots of inspiration from its XF sibling. However, the headlights closely mimic the front end of 2007 C-XF concept. (The showcar that presaged the XF yet was actually designed after the production car was already signed-off upon). Look closely though, as one of the Motor Gears team pointed out (thanks Badr!), and some design cues of the Maserati Quattroporte in-front look very apparent.
*Profile Design:
In profile, the new XJ has a stretch-out but very settle look; with a very thin A-pillar line. Also, the new sheet-metal gets wider wheel-arches, and notable muscular-lines going towards the back.
*Rear Design:
Outback, the 2010 Jaguar XJ gets very dramatic. Special design cue is the darkened-out C-pillar, that gives the XJ's rear-window a wide look. Then we have to talk about the new taillights. The new XJ gets a very distinctive taillights, that have a 3-bar LED backlit. Also, it looks like the swoopy design of the trunk-lid come in-harmony with the rear-end of the XJ.
*Technicalities Of XJ's New Design:
Overall shape of the new XJ is very successful. Nonetheless, the new cool and very modern design of the Jag's new XJ is very technical. The sheet-metal is made out-of a combination of magnesium and aluminum. Therefore, the new XJ weighs slightly less than the smaller XF and be at least 150 kilograms lighter than its chief competitors; from BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Audi A8. Kudos to Jaguar too, on making the new XJ one of the most drag-coefficient designs, with only a .29 cD. That makes the new 2010 XJ the most aerodynamic Jaguar ever built!
*Interior; Dashboard:
To our favorite part about the XJ, the interior. Inside, the rounded shape dashboard in the XJ, is a festival of technology, backlit in a cool phosphor blue. The XJ's inteior is also more practical than the amazing interior in the XF. While it gets the same touch-sensored reading lights and glovebox, JaguarDrive gear selector, as well as Jaguar's touch-screen system; but Jaguar as improved all of that. The touch-sensors have been re-calibrated for better sensitivity, JaguarDrive get better locking selecting gears, and the touch-screen computer system gets a bigger 12.3 TFT screen, and a lot faster software. Jaguar also done a great job with the new panoramic roof, illuminated air-vents, the new 3-spoke steering wheel, and the rounded wood-accents up-front.
*Interior; Rear-Seats And Features:
The back seats also get more special treat. The rear-seats feature a Jaguar-signed head-rests, individual wooden tables with individual screens, and of course, lots and lots of leather around. Also, the XJ is the first-ever production car to have an astonishing 20-speaker Bowers & Wilkens 7.1 channel surround system. So this is not anymore bland; this has become one of the best interiors among the luxury-car segment.*Engines And Performance:
Jaguar is putting all its engines fleet in the all-new XJ. The start is at a twin-turbo 3.0L V6 diesel, which will be unique for the European market. Worldwide XJs will first come as basic, in a 385 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, naturally-aspirated 5.0L V8. Middle-level XJ will come with a supercharged 5.0L V8, with 470 hp and 424 lb-ft of torque, and which should get to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. Top engine in the XJ, is a re-worked supercharged 5.0L V8, packing 510 hp and 461 lb-ft of torque, which launches to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. All XJs are connected to a 6-speed ZF automatic, through rear-wheel-drive, and will have a limited top-speed of 155 mph. Later on, Jaguar is expected to release a mighty XJR.*Suspension And Handling:
Given that this car figures to weigh as much as the XFR, expect similar handling performance, especially considering it gets the same electronically governed rear differential, Jag's Adaptive Dynamics system and the three-mode JaguarDrive Control with Normal, Dynamic and Winter setups. The latter governs everything from throttle mapping and shift points to the aforementioned differential, stability control thresholds, suspension firmness (coil springs up front, air out back) and even seatbelt tightness. Jaguar claim that the new XJ actually has the sportiest handling characteristics among its luxury rivals from 7-Series, S-Class, and A8.*Prices And Summary:
Incidentally, the XJ will be available from launch in both standard and extended-wheelbase forms, with the latter receiving a further 5-inches of legroom. Prices will start at $72,500 for the XJ and $79,500 for the XJL with the naturally aspirated V8. The 470-hp 2010 XJ Supercharged and the XJL Supercharged will carry a price tag of 87,500 and $90,500, respectively. The top-of-the-line 5.0L XJ and XJL Supersport will start at a $112,000 and $115,000 MSRP, respectively. Deliveries will start beginning of 2010. Though we have to say, we are pretty excited about this Jag. Because not only have Jaguar up-scaled the new XJ, it's actually have gone really better.

Lastly, the video below is the press release of the 2010 Jaguar XJ. Surprisingly, the host for unveiling the new XJ, was the talk-show host, Jay Leno. It's funny to watch, and very informative.

Source : [Jaguar]

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