Monday, April 6, 2009

New Reveal : Sigma Motorworks Mustang-based GTE electric sportscar

It seems these days that to enter the competition between the big automakers, small car companies have to enter the market with modern electric sports cars. Best example is Tesla, a small car business started in California, but thanks to the Roadster electric supercar, and now the luxury Model S, Tesla now has gone globe. So here's another ambitious company that hopes it could follow Tesla's steps into the big market. The new comer is from a small garage so called Sigma Motorworks. Because they're yet a small but ambitious car maker, their goal is to sell 500 units of their first GTE in 2010.
Since Sigma Motorworks still can't afford to build their own platform, they had to base their first car on some "famous" car, just like Tesla did with the Roadster when they based it on the Lotus Elise. So major components like the front and rear differentials are sourced from Ford, and the GTE's entire cockpit was yanked from an older Mustang.
In essence, what Sigma did with the GTE, is change the entire exterior body. Which actually looks quite good, specially the muscular body line going rearwards. What they also did is take out the 4.6L V8 from the base Mustang, and replaced with their own electric motor. It's a 144 volt, twin DC battery-powered electric motor, that each DC pack 100 hp. As we know from electric engines, horsepower is in the low-range, but these motors deliver gigantic amounts of torque. The Sigma GTE proves more of the same; 200 hp overall, but the electric motor punches 500 lb-ft of torque between 1500 to 5650 rpm. No official acceleration numbers, but it should be around 4 seconds. Sigma aims the GTE to top 145 mph, and would have a range of 100 miles.
So if Sigma Motorworks could really do what they're claiming, then the GTE would be one of the fastest and most exciting electric sports cars ever. It's only a matter of time when we see Sigma as one of future leading companies in electrifying cars.

Best of luck, Sigma Motorworks.

Source : [Sigma Motorworks]

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