Monday, April 6, 2009

Gemballa now offering F1 Steering Wheel for Porsche 911 with PDK

There's no doubt that the technology behind the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission is a master piece of engineering – much like any other dual-clutch gearbox. However, criticisms from owners and journalists, is the interaction between the driver and that PDK. Specially the steering wheel-mounted shifters have that awkward 2-mode button shift on each side of the steering grip. Well Gemballa, pro-tuning company for modifying Porsches, has the solution.Gemballa is now offering an aftermarket steering wheel, calling it "F1 Steering Wheel", that aims to rectify the sportscar's ergonomic shortfalls. The thick 34cm steering wheel still copes with full-airbag system, and with the original steering wheel multimedia control buttons. Gemballa also offers a wide variety of colors to match the 997's interior. Nonetheless, this steering wheel would also work in the Cayman and Boxster.Most importantly, the new steering wheel presents new F1-style paddle-shifters for the PDK. F1-style paddle-shifters are way better than the 2-mode button shift on each side of the steering grip, that Porsche designed originally. The new set of black paddles behind the steering are much easier to use. Just right for up-shift, left for down-shift, no questions, no problems. It just shows how simple, easy-to-use can be sometimes greater.

Source : [Gemballa]

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macewan said...

Do you know if this would work with 2000 Boxster?

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