Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Reveal At NY : 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 HYBRID

Joining the new facelifted S-Class at the New York Auto Show, is this new Mercedes ML450 HYBRID. Plus, the new ML450 presents a new facelift design for the ML-Class. Major feature with the hybrid system in the ML450 is a two-mode switch for extra fuel efficiency for this large SUV.
In the exterior design, the new 2010 ML450 HYBRID presents a mild design change, which will imply for the rest of the ML-Class models. So this facelift includes, extended headlights, larger grille with an air-vent beneath it, and LED taillights. Inside, the ML450 is provided with a new "Economy" gauge next to the speed gauge, replacing the traditional rev counter.
The new engine in the ML450 what makes this a good step towards hybrid SUVs. The 2010 ML450 HYBRID is powered by a combination of a petrol 3.5L V6, and two electric motors. Producing a total of 335 hp and 381 lb-ft of torque. The ML450 manages an average of 22 mpg of city/highway fuel economy. That's not all.
What makes the new 2010 ML450 HYBRID special, is its new two-mode hybrid drivetrain. Depending on conditions, the ML 450 HYBRID can operate entirely on electric power or on the petrol engine alone or on a combination of both drives. If the drive is on electric power only, the ML450 can go up to 34 mph, without a sip of fuel. And if the two engines are working together, the ML450 will hit 60 mph in 7.8 seconds, and top out at 131 mph.
The ML450 HYBRID is a direct hit to Lexus' new RX450h hybrid crossover. The Lexus has similar power, remarkable fuel economy, and near identical drivetrain as well as acceleration times as the ML450. So both will persuade people into new modern hybrid SUVs in their own way.

Source : [Mercedes-Benz]

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