Monday, April 13, 2009

New Reveal At NY : 2009 Acura ZDX Concept

This is the concept that Honda's luxury department, Acura, was promising to show at the New York Auto Show. It's the ZDX Concept, a coupe-like crossover SUV that it aims directly to BMW's X6. Despite being a concept at the moment, but from spy pictures, we are adamant that this will come into production sometime next year.
"The ZDX is truly a luxury performance coupe - plus," said Jeff Conrad, vice president of Acura sales. "The emotional coupe styling coupled with a luxurious and dramatic interior and surprising versatility, allows the ZDX to define its own segment and attract an entirely new customer."
From the talk about this ZDX, we anticipate that this have to look good. In fact, while we aren't big fans of coupish SUVs like this, but it is better looking than the X6. The interesting details on the ZDX make it a real attractive vehicle. The hidden rear door handles that are concealed in the C-pillar and the muscular lines on the rear fender. Aside from a few minor details such as the headlights and taillights housings, the exhaust tail pipes and quite possibly, the front bumper with Acura's new trademark grille, don't expect to see other differences on the production model.
It's also more practical than the X6. Acura's engineers made a good compromise between sportiness and practicality. While it may have a very coupe-like fastback roof, it's still 488 cm long and 156 cm high. Inside, the 5-seater ZDX Concept features hand-stitched leather dashboard and two-tone trim, which probably won't be transferred to the production ZDX. But the full panoramic glass roof will surely be in the production model since all luxury-oriented cars are having it these days.
Ofcourse, this is only a design study. But the production ZDX will have, according to Acura, a new V6 engine that is connected to an all-new 6-speed automatic transmission that drives all four-wheels through Acura's Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

Source : [Acura]

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