Friday, November 21, 2008

New Reveal At LA : 2010 Lexus RX

Lexus dropped the third-generation RX on the world today here at the LA Auto Show. The new RX luxury crossover comes in two forms, the standard RX350 and the hybrid RX450h. The 3.5L RX350 gets a power bump to 275 hp while the hybrid engine grows from 3.3L up to 3.5L and 295 total horsepower. Lexus has improved the inverter that converts between DC power from the battery to AC for the motor, making the whole hybrid drivetrain more efficient.The RX450h gets a unique grill and badging to set it slightly apart from the new RX350, while both models get plenty of new gizmos including an upgraded navigation and telematics system. For instance, a new controller for the nav system that Toyota calls Remote Touch provides customizable haptic feedback as you use it. A larger brighter OLED display screen also offers an improved angle of vision and a heads up display is available for the first time.The design is an obvious evolution of the previous RX, but now features a more broad-shouldered look just like the Toyota Highlander with which it shares its platform. And those LS-look-alike headlights fit beautifully into the RX body.

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