Friday, April 3, 2009

New Reveal : 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

Mercedes will finally reveal the all-new E-Class we all really want at the New York Auto Show 8th of April, the AMG variant. The all-new E63 AMG combines outstanding performance and luxury in a four door sedan package.
At a first glance, this new E63 looks like any other E-Class. However, on the details, it gets pretty good. There's a AMG body-kit all round with sharper LED lights on the front, edger side skirts, and a faux black rear-diffuser at the back with four loud exhausts. There's also a set of 18 and 19 inch AMG alloy wheels. In essence, this looks like a dignified luxury sedan, but beneath this body, sits a monster.
Compared to the predecessor E-Class AMG, this new E63 AMG isn't much different, specially in the engine. It's the same 6.2L AMG V8, but now develops 518 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque, with a flair of German muscle noise. The engine is now mated to an all-new AMG 7-speed dual-clutch Speedshift transmission with rev-matched shifts and RACE START function, which now can handle vicious burn-outs, and 0-60 mph time in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of an electronically-limited 155 mph (without the limiter it will reach around 200 mph). Nevertheless, in the handling department, this is a new beast.
Lot of characteristics and advanced technologies have been transferred from the SL63 AMG Roadster. So this benefits the E63 AMG with a new newly developed AMG RIDE Control suspension system with electronically controlled damping. While new steel spring struts are used on the front axle, the rear suspension features AMG-specific air springs. The advantage of this solution, which is exclusive to AMG, is that the front spring struts ensure more sensitive responses while the rear air struts with their automatic level control system keep the vehicle at a constant height, irrespective of the load. So, with the RIDE Control, there are three suspension setups, including Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus. More of the same goes to the new 3-stage ESP Program taken from the C63 AMG, allowing the driver to choose between “ESP ON”, “ESP SPORT” and “ESP OFF” for smoky drifts. Mercedes has also improved the steering for more feedback, and tighter feel.
Despite the very sporty treatment, the E63 AMG doesn't compromise in any of the German luxury. It features a redesigned interior, with black bucket leather seats, with aluminum and carbon accents on the dashboard. It's also a very technological safety car too. Some of the standard features like brake-assists, crash-responsive NECK-PRO head restraints, and 11 airbags are nice. However, optional gizmo like, Lane Keeping Assist and Blind Spot Assist systems, PRE-SAFE® Brake emergency braking function, Adaptive High Beam Assist, and Night View Assist PLUS are most impressive.
So this what makes this E63 AMG special; it does everything. Around town and traffic, this is a truly luxury sedan that looks smog and cool. However, when the police aren't looking, the big 6.2 will fire up, and act like a real high-performance machine. Expect a E-Class Coupe, with AMG mixing at Frankfurt Auto Show later this year.

Source : [Mercedes-Benz]

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