Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Reveal At Geneva : 2009 Koenigsegg Quant Concept

Just few weeks ago Koenigsegg released a teaser of the Quant. At that time we could only see the front and had no idea what to expect. We speculated that it could be a new generation of a supercar that has an enormous engine. We were totally wrong! Koenigsegg has made Quant official at Geneva and surprise of all surprises! It is a four-seater solar-power electric car. Yes, even one of the most "maddest" supercar companies of all have entered the electric car market.

Since the Swedish company only used to do 800hp CCX, the eclectic motor was done by NLV Solar AG. It also does the photovoltaic and accumulator technologies. Overall, NLV Solar AG commissioned the new environmentally-friendly supercar and asked Koenigsegg to come up with a design that would incorporate their technology.
The technology behind the Quant is astonishing. NLV’s technology features an advanced electric-power generation and storage system which will allow the Quant to recharge in 20 minutes while providing a range of 500km (311 miles). Additional power comes from a solar panels that cover the body of the car, further increasing the range potential. Quant uses rear wheel drive, with four-wheel brake regeneration, ABS and ESP.
So with the combined power, the Quant packs 512hp and 527 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 mph comes at 5.2 seconds, and will keep going all the way to 171 mph. It's the slowest Koenigsegg, on the other hand, it's one of the fastest electric cars ever to be produced!
Quant’s looks like a futuristic supercar at first, but it actually seats for, it lacks B-pillars and uses gull-wing doors for easy entrance. There is only one door on each side of the car. Windows on the other hand can be opened separately on the front and rear.
In the end, if Koenigsegg approves the aero dynamics of the design shape, and NLVcan mass produce the hybrid system, then expect it to move towards a series production in the near future.

Source : [Koenigsegg]

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