Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Reveal At Geneva : 2009 Kia No.3 Concept

Kia has come up with a new concept for Geneva. They haven't bothered for a clever name, they've just called it No.3 Concept, because it's just a showcase to what future Kia MPVs will look like and feature.
With an overall length of just 4045mm (just over 13 ft.) the No 3 is maneuverable enough for congested city streets, yet it's large enough on the inside to seat four or five passengers. Kia says the No 3 provides C-segment space inside a B-segment body.
What sets the No 3 apart from the average MPV is the looks, of course. The large headlamps and unique grille shape are part of Kia's new corporate look, which scores high on the curb-recognition meter. There's more than a hint of the new Soul in it, which isn't a surprise. The windshield extends into a panoramic glass roof, creating an airy cabin. Gloss white trim stands out against the titanium paint. Large 19-inch wheels, short overhangs and exaggerated wheel arches provide a sporty look. A high-tech, high-class interior is also in place, as is properly fitting of a concept car. The No 3's high style stands as a reminder that Kias don't necessarily look as inexpensive as they are any more.
Kia doesn't have much to say about the No 3's drivetrain. This is probably because it's a design concept of a production model. The production set will debut later this year, possibly at Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Source : [Kia]


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