Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Reveal At Geneva : 2009 Citroën DS Inside Concept

Remember the 1960 Citroen DS? It's considered by many as one of the greatest cars of the 21rst century. Partly because it looked modern, and partly it was cool to roll in a Citroen. But mainly, the DS was one of the revolutions in car technology. It had power steering, semi automatic gearbox, fiberglass roof for reduced weight transfer while cornering, independent hydraulic suspension, disk brakes, and even traction control. It placed fifth on Automobile Magazine "100 Coolest Cars" listing in 2005. So celebrating Citroen's 90th birthday in Geneva, Citroen came up with a concept revival of the original DS.
The new 2009 Citroen DS Inside Concept launches Citroen's new "Créative Technologie" philosophy. The philosophy behind it is that consumers are demanding "wanting better", and not "wanting more". So the DS Inside Concept will focus on driving pleasure-oriented consumers after prestige, thrills and excitement.
The DS Line will shift into 3 models, DS3, DS4 and DS5. All-three cars are entering different car segments from small, medium and large. The DS3 will be based on the DS Line Concept they revealed in Geneva. However, Citroen promises each model will embody a 'Different Spirit' of Citroen's new 'Créative Technologie' philosophy.

Source : [Citroën]

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