Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LEAKED : 2010 Lexus LS

When the new generation of the Lexus LS came out, a lot have criticise it as being rather ugly. Well now, Lexus is coming up with a refresher to help the LS in the looks department. It's pretty much similar to what they did with the IS sedan for 2009. Revised lights, front and rear. New bumpers etc... Just the small details.
But what's totally new for 2010 is under the hood. It's still going to have a V8, but rumors are now reporting that the new 2010 LS will be the first LS ever to feature a V6! It is supposed to be a stronger version of Toyota's 3.5L they put in pretty much everything they make, from the Camry to the Lexus GS. In the reportedly LS 350, it would produce over 310hp. Which should be more than enough for most people, really.

Source: [Burlapp Cars]

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