Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Sketches : 9ff Panamera

Back in September, German tuning company 9ff released first sketches of their Panamera. Now Porsche has revealed the Panamera, 9ff has decided to make out new sketches of the tuned Panamera.
According to 9ff has teamed up with Russian companies Top Car and Cardi. Top Car is a design company and Cardi will be the one producing all the new body parts. What will 9ff do? Looks like 9ff will be the one working on performance. This sounds interesting as Panamera Turbo will have 500 hp in stock. So just imagine what the famous tuner 9ff will do to the engine! 600hp, 700hp or even 900hp !
There are currently two body kit packages in the design. First one replaces almost all the body panels, as you can see there won’t be no door handles. All automatic and controlled by the remote key. Second package is not as extreme and replaces the bumpers, side skirts and a bonnet. Of course Panamera gets new set of wheels. Usually everything automotive that comes from Russia is a total rubbish. As this time 9ff is involved we expect a lot better quality. If the plan is real then expect to see the real thing after Panamera is launched next summer.

Source : [9ff]

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