Thursday, December 4, 2008

2010 Ford Mustang priced cheaper than Challenger, Camaro

When Ford debut the new Mustang at the LA Auto Show, they haven't announced the pricing of this pony car. But now, they've did. Base price for a standard V6-powered 2010 Mustang is reportedly $21,845, including delivery charge. For comparison, its biggest competitor will surely be the Camaro, which starts at $22,995. The other revived pony car is the Dodge Challenger, which in base V6 SE form begins with a $22,545 sticker price. Each of these entry-level models comes equipped with a standard V6 engine, though the Challenger comes only with a four-speed automatic while its competitors offer a stick. Anyone wanting an open-air experience has no choice but to opt for the Ford, as the Blue Oval's offering is the only modern musclecar with an optional drop-top.

Moving on to the higher-up V8 GT model, Ford reported that it would start at $27,995. Like the base V6 model, the GT is the cheapest among the big pony cars. The V8-powered Camaro starts at $30,995. And the Challenger HEMI V8 R/T model is a little cheaper than the Camaro, at $30,545. But let us not forget that the Mustang GT is down on power compared to its deadliest rivals.

However, there's a clue with Ford cheap pricing for the Mustang. Whereas the Shelby GT500 is expect to be priced around $42,000, there's a huge price gap between the GT and the GT500. So the question comes, will Ford come up with a Mustang to fill in that gap? Well rumors reported that Ford may come up with a 5.0L V8 Mustang with 400hp at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January. So we have to wait until then.

Source : [Ford]

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