Friday, December 5, 2008

Magazine Tests : Nissan 370Z

We adore Motor Trend magazine. We love the fact that they give out the best numbers of a car. And todays test is the Nissan 370Z. Although they 370Z is on sale yet, but Motor Trend was able to be the first to get its hands on it. And here are the numbers:

*0-60MPH in 4.7 seconds
*Quarter Mile is covered in 13.3 seconds @ 105.7mph
*Breaking from 60-0 MPH within 106ft

These numbers are simply astonishing for a car with only 332hp and a price tag of $29,000. However, what's so remarkable about this test is that Motor Trend pitched the 370Z against an Aston Martin DBS. Yes, against the fastest Aston Martin on sale. We all thought that was crazy, however, the DBS hit 60MPH in 4.2 seconds. That's not actually a lot faster than the 370Z. So the Nissan holds its own pretty well for a car that cost $244,000 less than the 510hp DBS.

Source : [Motor Trend]

UPDATE: Motor Trend came up with a video. Enjoy!

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