Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Reveal At SEMA : Toyota Yaris Club project by Five Axis

For everyone who has a Toyota Yaris, we all know that your life with this car is quiet boring. However, if you're at the Yaris Club and you want to give your Yaris to the Five Axis tuning company, they can turn your city car into a racing thriller.

The Yaris Club is a stripped-down, with no extras, only what is needed to perform. The roof has been removed and the windshield lowered. With the interior removed, a tonneau was fabricated, turning the Yaris into a single seater with a fairing that doubles as a driver headrest.

A supercharger, exhaust headers and a free-flowing exhaust were added for performance to back up the good looks. The suspension was lowered by two inches with front and rear coil-over shocks and larger Brembo brakes.

Lot of hard work was done, but to be honest it still is a YARIS! It looks like a toy not a club racer.

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