Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Reveal At SEMA : Kia Borrego Limited Concept does its best Escalade impression

The Cadillac Escalade is the "bligest" car you can get. However, with its huge V8 and high fuel prices, it doesn't make sense nowadays to buy an expensive car with a guzzling engine. Well, Kia found the solution. It's the Kia Borrego Limited Concept. Which is a copy-cat to the Escalade, only its a Kia which is obviously cheaper. And with a 3.8L V6, it would hurt your wallet when filling the Borrego up at the gas station.
They started off with customizing the exterior, which now includes all-black glossy rich paint, and chrome material on every panel. There are chrome accents in the radiator grille, front bumper, door handles, side-view mirror housings and the bumper step plate. To complete the blingy exterior, the 22-inch Avarus chrome wheels and Spec-X tires that roll on a lowered suspension fits beautifully with the rest of the body.
Ofcourse, Kia had the change the interior to give it a "road-cruising" feel rather than a "high-off raoding" feel. So now, inside it features seats with alligator skin. Alligator skin? Now that's true bling! You also get a TV and a DVD player in your Kia. Kia also matches the lights for stereo's buttons with the car's exterior paint. It's very thoughtful.
So this is a world first. It's actually the world's first cool Kia, after you take-off the badges obviously. When you take them off, it becomes a true bling car. It can do everything what the Escalade does, but with half the price. It looks good, has a big sound system for your rap music and with the alligator seats, it will get you noticed. Expect this Borrego to get into the production form in LA's Auto Show.

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