Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Reveal At SEMA : Hyundai debuts tuned Genesis Sedan, 460hp supercharged V8

Hyundai thought it would be best to give out tuned version of the Genesis sedan. This is for people who want be rappers, but really can't afford a 60,000$ Lexus LS460.
However, because Hyundai are so interested nowadays in performance, so they went off first to customize the mechanics. For starters, then first added a supercharger to the 4.6L Tau V8. Now developing 460hp. But because the new Genesis has active fuel management, it still can be as economical as a V6 engine (although you should try not to turn up the supercharger). In addition to the engine mod, they gave it Baer brakes, a K&N air intake, Magnaflow exhaust and lowering springs.
As for visual modifications, this tuned Genesis gets body kit, composite hood, rear roof spoiler and trunk spoiler, black-over-white two toned paint and along with Enkei LS-5 wheels and some decent SEMA tradition rims.

Expect Hyundai to offer such customization like this in the near future.

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