Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Reveal But Not At SEMA : Three-door Range Rover Sport by LSE Design

If you thought that a 3-door Range Rover is mad, you'd be wrong. True Range Rover fans know that the three-door Range Rover as first Range Rover originally came with three doors (two side doors and the hatch in back). What makes this LSE Coupe different is that its a luxury coupe not an off-road Range you can rent on safari’s in Africa.
The LSE Coupe is fitted with LED running lights, custom panels and bumpers. In addition to all the digital goodies passengers can take a good look at the outdoors via the Sport Coupe’s full-length panoramic glass.
The LSE boffins also worked on the LSE Coupe's engine. With upgrades to the car's ECU and other mechanic stuff, they now got 500hp out of the 4.2L V8. Customers can choose either 20-, 22- or 24-inch wheels for their custom built LSE Coupe. Behind these massive wheels you can find either Brembos, vented steel discs or carbon ceramics. It really depends on how big your wallet is.
However, what ever you choose, you need to have such big amounts of money in your bank account. Because this LSE Coupe starts at a dizzying 250,000$. If you're interested, you should act quick, because LSE will only make 200 units of this coupe.

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