Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Report : UAW is against any American Merger !

The president of United Auto Workers (UAW) , Ron Gettelfinger honestly said today , that he would stand against any American automakers merging . Specially the one between GM & Chrysler , which is still being worked out .

Simply because the merger may lead of job losses for UAW workers . And the whole point of UAW is protecting automaking workers . He also said that UAW has given alot of help for GM , Chrysler and Ford . And yes , I do believe him , but what kind of help ? It clearly doesn't show .

So Mr.Gettelfinger is refusing the merger idea . Which GM & Chrysler need him to accept . But on the other hand , both automakers seem to nearly finish the deal . So what is the solution ? It's really tricky ! Let me what you think in the comments .

Source : [The Detroit Free Press]

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