Thursday, October 16, 2008

LEAKED : 2010 Toyta Prius !

The next generation Prius should be a great car . Because it needs to beat the cheaper Honda Insight , and should be as good as the modern Chevrolet Volt . Well , some Toyota haters at the Prius Chat , somehow got the pictures of the 2010 Prius , and leaked it out to the world ! And because these pictures are true , Toyota didn't have any chance but only to confirm the pictures . But we have to wait for the official specification till Detroit Auto Show next January .

So the pictures are true . What have we got in the green party leader ? Well , they wanted the shape to be funky like a Honda Element or a Scion xB . But they failed , this looks awfully furgly . Only your grandmother's dog will like this . So a good shot of Honda and Chevy to outtake the Prius . And it doesn't flash you with a nice interior either . Inside , it's completely relaying on the "un-cool" grey . Every trim piece inside is grey . It's so grey ! And the grey plastics seem to be at a very cheap quality . Though , we like the raised center console with an integrated pass-through to access the 12-volt outlet . However , with the Volt's iPod look-like dashboard , and Insight's Honda interior , they outclass the Prius .

It seems to me that the only reason that the first generation Prius was a financial success because it was "first" hybrid car that actually works . But now , Chevrolet , Honda and many other companies are giving so much more than what Toyota is giving . So presumably , the new Prius will fail badly . Dad , you'll tell us if that is true or not in the sales report next year or so .

Source : [PriusChat]


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