Monday, October 20, 2008

Report : Honda/Acura to introduce V8 & V10 engines

With the fuel and financial crisis nowadays , automakers are trying to make engines smaller and more efficient . Most automakers now , are also switching to hybrid . But Honda and Acura have already done that with there many cars on the line-up . So what they need to do now , is make something to balance there reputation for "great engines and pure fun" .
Well , Acura's CEO Takeo Fukui com firmed that a V8 engine is in develop right now , and it'll be revealed in the next 18 months . It'll be featured in Acrua's future RWD luxury sedan line-up . Although , that'll likely be sometime in 2012 . For the next year or so , the V8 will probably be fitted to Acura's RL . Because Mr.Fukui admitted that the 3.7L V6 engine found in the current RL was "sufficient" to compete with its rivals .
Another senior Acura executive, vice president Koichi Kondo, also recently revealed that a V10 engine will appear in the next Honda NSX that will due sometime in 2010 . From the spy pictures taken at the Nurburgring , reporters predict the engine will be a 5.5L V10 with at least 550hp . That kind of number , will surely scare Nissan's GTR .

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