Monday, October 20, 2008

New Revel : Coach Builders Convertible Package for Dodge Challenger

Coach Builders is famous for building the Chrysler 300C convertible and Cadillac CTS convertible . Because Dodge announced that they won't make a Challenger cabrio , Coach Builders decided to make one . This car will debut at the SEMA Auto Show next November . Ofcourse this being a convertible , Coach Builders will be providing new strut bars and body reinforcements for the cabrio muscle car . They also add a Vortech supercharger for the SRT8 , to jump the power to 560hp and 510 lb-ft of torque . Outside , there's a new hood scoop and some ugly gigantic 22 inch rims .
The cost of this package alone , is a dizzying 16,000$ . You can buy a brand new car with that ! This package can be equipped with any model of Challenger . So if you ought to get a Challenger SE V6 for 22,000 but with Coach Builders package , it'll rise up to a whopping 38,000$ . Not only is this 13,000$ more expensive than a Mustang V6 convertible , but you could get a Challenger SRT8 for that money . However , This green one is a SRT8 with the package , and it'll set you back $58,000 ! Everyone can think of a lot of mods for the Challenger with this money before actually cutting the roof .
So this package ruins the price of the Challenger . But in my mind , it ruins the amazing image of the hardtop Challenger as well . If you look at a hardtop Challenger , you'll be thinking of words like "old-school" , "dangerous" , "bad ass" , "hard-core" and ofcourse "pure muscle car" . But when you look at this , all what we're going to say is , "a big soft roady" . I'm one of the biggest fans of the hardtop Challenger , but this doesn't float my boat . Now we know why Dodge refused to the idea of a convertible Challenger . Please anyone who thinks else of this Challenger , share it with us.

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