Sunday, October 19, 2008

SPY SHOTS , German Package : 2010 E63 Wagon , 2010 Audi S5 Convertible , 2010 BMW PAS Crossover

At our office , we noticed a big number of future German cars being caught testing . So we thought we rap what was caught for this week .
Starting first with , 2010 Mercedes's E63 AMG sledge hammer . This big estate car was spotted at Germany's favorite racetrack , the Nurburgring . So what have we got ? Well outside , it's completely new . A new front & back fascias , new side skirts and new rims . Under the skin though , it doesn't seem much a difference . It's expected to get the same 6.2L AMG V8 . However , this one is supposed to get at least 550hp to catch Audi's 580hp RS6 . But with Merc's usual soft suspension settings , it'll be hard fitting all these horses . That's why this wagon should stack up with its brothers , the C63 AMG and the CLK63 AMG Black Sires ,which have a lot more stiffer suspension settings . It's expected to have MacPherson struts, a wider front track and multi-link active suspension . No word when to expect to see this . Although , I hope soon .

Second , we got Audi's S5 convertible caught . Infact , caught it with the roof down at a sunrise photo shoot . That means styling wise , it is finished . However , under this sexy skin , there's a lot that needs work . For instance , they need to stiffen the body because they cut off the roof . Moreover , it seems they didn't decide on what engine it should have . Most reporters are saying , it'll be the same 4.2L V8 with 350hp . But some are suggesting it'll have Audi's new TFSI 3.0 V6 with 330 hp . The answer to that , should be either the L.A or Detroit auto show , where there'll be an official debut .

Finally , BMW's future PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) crossover line-up . It might sound clever , but it's just a wagon that's a bit higher . The first one to appear to our eyes , is supposedly a new 5-sires wagon that's lifted about 3 inches higher to the ground . It'll probably be called V5 and is expected to be the first car in the V-series range. Once introduced more cars in the V-series should follow , such as V3 & V1 . Powertains should include Bimmer's 3.0L twintubo in-line 6 in gasoline and diesel forums . And hybrid models are in the works too . In my mind , I think the V-sires if it was true , is a bit useless . Because BMW already have a huge variety with SUVs , crossovers and estates (wagons) . They have estates such as ,1-sires hatchback , 3-sires estate and 5-sires estate . And they have SUVs and crossovers such as X1 , X3 and X5 . If the V-sires will happen , what are they for ?

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