Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magazine Tests : Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

A month ago , some people tested the 'Vette ZR-1 at the dyno . And many people , me included , were a bit disappointed with the result . However , we still don't have a clue on real world performance . Well our favorite magazine , Motor Trend tested out a brand new standard ZR-1 . They say , they like it a lot !

The reason why the liked it is simple , its all down to the numbers it gives out . And here they are :

*0-60MPH in a mind-blowing 3.3 seconds .
*Quarter-mile is in a Zonda busting 11.2 seconds at a trap speed of 130.5MPH .
*Top speed reached the 200.5MPH mark .
*Braking 60-0MPH is in 97 feet .

As the magazine said , this beats just about every super car on the market . A Dodge Viper , Lamborghini LP640 , Ferrari 599 , Porsche GT2 , Pagani Zonda F , Mercedes SLR 722 and even a Ford GT cannot beat this monstrous of an American Icon . But the clever thing is , it cost less than half of its European rivals .So the ZR-1 may turn down a lot of its horsepower numbers , but the rest will turn up fantastic performance numbers .
Source : [Motor Trend]
UPDATE : Here is a video of the review

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