Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Motor Gears wins an award !!

It is a known fact, that this automotive blog isn't famous. In certain days, there won't be any visitors nor comments. However, out of no where, this came up; an award! Yes, Motor Gears has been awarded as "Featured Blogger" from Car Dekho features car blogs, by judging on a certain post. Our winning post was: New Reveal At Geneva : 2009 Hyundai i20 3-door; 2009 Hyundai ix-onic Concept. So with this award, which we also got a certificate for it, Motor Gears may have a future after all. You never know what could happen someday!

We would like to thank Car Dekho dearly for this. It really made us happy, that we couldn't wait and just share it with the world.

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