Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Report : Nissan studying smaller turbocharged engines to replace bigger engines, for future models

It's known all around, that Nissan engines are not bullet-proof, but also very powerful. However, with economy and environment concern, gas-guzzling power is in-danger. So, Nissan is doing all its best right now, to help the economy and the environment, without compromising power.

Nissan’s powertrain engineering division manager Tetsuya Takahashi has indicated that his department is closely studying the possibility of turbocharged engines in their next generation of Nissan vehicles. Speaking to Motor Trend, Takahashi admitted that Nissan is looking to return to smaller displacement engines mated with turbochargers to increase performance and fuel-efficiency, and replacing bigger naturally-aspirated engines.

Nonetheless, BMW already got their way with the award-winning 3.0L twin-turbocharged in-line 6-cylinders, and making wonders in the new Z4, X6, and 5-Series Gran Turismo. Audi also got the new 3.0L supercharged V6, that actually replaced their 4.2L V8 in last-generation Audis. As for Nissan, they have the amazing GT-R, and earlier rumors hints on a 370Z Hybrid. So presumably, there's soon going to be fight with big powerful naturally-aspirated engines against smaller and lighter boosted engines.

Source : [Motor Trend]

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