Monday, July 6, 2009

Report : 2010 Chevrolet Camaro outsells 2010 Ford Mustang in June sales!

All muscle car fans admit, that the Ford Mustang is the 'King Of The Road' muscle car, and nothing else could sell as much. In fact, the Mustang was the fastest selling car of all time, when it was first released in 1967. However now, 2010 Mustang has a lot of competition to clear off.

For 2010 model year, the 'Stang is joined by the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro. However, since the Challenger is basically a 2-door coupe version of the Charger, the Mustang easily outsold the Challenger in last June's sales. Now though, the Camaro is the real contender.

With 2009 June sales released, the big surprise that the Camaro outsold the Mustang! Chevrolet sold 9,320 new 2010 Camaros, while Ford only sold 7,362 new 2010 Mustangs. On the Dodge's side, they only sold 1,369 units of the 2009 Challenger. The last time the Camaro outsold the Mustang in a monthly sales race was October 1993 - during when Chevy sold 10,985 Camaros and Ford sold only 5,680 Mustangs.

GM’s vice president of sales, service and marketing Mark LeNeve, said that nearly every 2010 Camaro sale in June was retail and that the figure was nearly double the number GM expected. LeNeve said that the new Camaro sold the best in California and that GM only has a six-day supply left of the model.

So, how did GM do that? Well, many called the Camaro as "the bargain of the decade". A mean-looking American muscle-car that has a 6.2L V8 with 426 hp and lots of modern technology inside for only $30,000 is quite simply, astonishing!

Source : [Automotive News - 2009 June sales]

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