Thursday, May 28, 2009

Report : Cars officially banned from New York's Times Square !

It's nearly the dream to any person; to see New York's amazing Times Square. Two key points make it such a master-piece; the enormousity of the lighted billboards, and of course Broadway. However now, it will only be experienced by pedestrians.

According to an Associated Press report, portions of Broadway from 42nd Street up to 47th and from 33rd to 35th are being closed to cars to cut down on pollution, traffic and pedestrian accidents.

Road blocks and barriers started going up on Sunday around Times Square and the nearby Herald Square in front of Macy's. Herald Square is the other area that will become a pedestrian mall as a result of the changes. To make sure everything goes smoothly and as planed, the Department of Transportation says it will be keeping a close eye on traffic in the area as the new setup finishes.

That's such bad news for car lovers, which means we won't be able to drive around it. It's also bad news for taxi drivers, as they have to search for somewhere else for customers.

Source : [Source: The Associated Press, Photo by Laughing Squid CC2.0]

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