Thursday, May 14, 2009

China's copies: BYD T6 - Porsche Cayenne clone, and Huatai Group's Bentley Continental Flying Spur clone

As a known fact, small Chinese automakers have accepted the fact that they could adopt and even clone the design of famous manufactures as a marketing strategy. There's a lot of cars like this in China, so we decided to show two of their best attempts.

This is the BYD T6 that will be on sale in China by September 2009. Yes, this is not a new Porsche Cayenne, this is actually a totally Chinese automobile. The picture was found on a brochure in some Chinese website. To put simply, BYD just went and "got" the Cayenne's design, and photoshoped to add the BYD grille up-front. However, they couldn't get the engine. So, according to the website, BYD will power the so called T6 (Porsche Cayenne copy cat) by a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. So it may look exactly the same as a Cayenne, which is does, but it will never be as quick.
Another, is a cheap knock-off of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur sedan, made by a new Chinese company called Huatai Group. Unlike BYD, Huatai couldn't exactly copy the Bentley, but it still looks roughly 80% a Bentley. There's isn't any information about the Bentley copy, just that we should expect to see it in production the next Chinese auto show.

Source : [Le Blog Auto, Autohome]

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