Sunday, April 26, 2009

Report : Audi drops 3.2L V6 from 2010 A4, A3 and TT for 2010

Weight reduction is now a major part of developing a new car. Lighter weight gives the car better power-to-weight ratio, and improves fuel efficiency. However, being obsessed by lighter weight, just ruins the definition of power, because one of the main weight reduction methods is replacing the big naturally-aspirated engine with a smaller engine with a boost injection. That's exactly what's happening to Audi nowadays.

The new 2010 Audi S4 and S5 Cabriolet have replaced the big muscly 4.2L naturally-aspirated FSI V8, with a supercharged 3.0L TFSI V6. While that may sound like going backwards for sports cars like these, the new engine still develops 333hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. Which can still make those cars have flaunt fast acceleration, and because the engine is only a V6, they'll have an increase in fuel-economy numbers for environmentally-friendliness. So the only sacrifice is missing the V8 growl engine note. What's more, the next generation S5 and S4 are rumored to even drop the V6 and weight by 3,000 pounds, with light-weight turbocharged 4-cylinder that will be 8-seconds faster around the Nurburgring race track.

Following next, is Audi's mainstream cars. The A4, A3, and TT always had the option of a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder with around 200 hp, and a naturally aspirated 3.2L V6, giving 250 hp. Well, for 2010 models, Audi is dropping the V6 on all A4, A3 and TT. Instead? Well, it's probably going to be the 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder that is used in the S3 and TT-S, which packs 260 hp. So more power, and improved fuel economy.

Source : [Straightline]

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